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The Healing Formula

The Premier All-Natural Wound Care Formula for Quickly & Effectively Healing All Types of Skin Irritations or Problems – Bar None!bed sore solution

Healing Formula Two (2) Eight Ounce Bottles

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The Healing Formula™ is the result of the determination and dedication of Janice Zayas. Through her experiences of working with bedridden patients she developed the formula to aid in speeding the healing of bedsores (decubitus ulcers).

The formula works by oxygenating the area, stopping infection, reducing pain while promoting healing. The appealing features of The Healing Formula™ are its effectiveness at promoting healing and the speed at which it works.

Healing Formula Two (2) Sixteen Ounce Bottlesbed sore solution

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The formula is produced by using a predetermined combination of Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Hydrogen Peroxide and Irish Moss.

There are well over 6,000 peer published documents on the ingredients in this formula (6,100 on H202 alone) with not one adverse reaction reported when used properly.

Application Instructions and Precautions:
  • Never take internally. This is meant to be a topical solution only. If taken do not induce vomiting.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Avoid heat and direct sunlight.
  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • Shake well before using.

For Pressure Sores = Decubitus Ulcers / Diabetic Ulcers / MRSA:
Gently clean out the wound with a soft gauze soaked in The Healing Formula™. Obtain enough gauze to fill the wound. Soak the gauze in the formula and gently squeeze out excess liquid. Carefully pack the wound completely to the top, being careful not to pack too tightly. Cover the wound with a dry gauze dressing and using PAPER tape seal to skin on all sides. Change dressing every morning and evening.

For cuts, abrasions, burns and rashes:
Clean out the injury with The Healing Formula™. Apply liberally every 2-3 hours. In more severe injuries soak a patch in the formula, sealing it on the wound with paper tape. Change twice daily. You can also put it in a spray bottle for minor abrasions and rashes.

bed sore solution


Bedsores or (Decubitus Ulcers) are the result of constant pressure on the skin over a bony area as a result of lying flat and creating prolonged pressure on the area.

Patients suffering from decubitus ulcers often suffer in multiple ways. In most cases, the patient is caused to be relatively immobile as a result of another illness or condition. Therefore, the skin irritation is an aside to their primary illness or condition, yet these ulcers can create significant pain, discomfort, and can result in a life-threatening situation that is more serious than the first.

To go into greater detail, decubitus ulcers or pressure sores as they're sometimes called, are localized areas of infracted soft tissues produced by pressure. Pressure is exerted on the skin and subcutaneous tissues by the object on which the patient must rest, such as the mattress, chair seat, cast, etc. There is compression of the small nutrient vessels of the skin and underlying tissues, which results in tissue anoxia or ischemia. The cutaneous tissues become broken or destroyed, leading to progressive destruction of underlying soft tissue. Once the skin breaks, an ulcer may form, which can be painful and very slow to heal.

Medical professionals have found such a product as The Healing Formula™ a welcome treatment for these and other skin irritations. Nurses play a vital role in the prevention of decubiti and in their treatment if they occur. Of course there are many aspects to pressure ulcer recovery, including relieving the pressure on the area immediately (Flotation or Gel mattress) as well as good nutrition and hydration. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices (especially carrot, celery, and apple) while increasing protein levels (protein shakes, Ensure) to help the skin rebuild. If multi-vitamins are difficult to take, Colloidal minerals and liquid vitamins should be given.

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