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Tall Fawssit Portable Shower

BROS1000EWFAWSsit-T4000 Tall
Hazmat Stand-up Tall Model

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For use by either able-bodied individuals or individuals with disabilities who can stand while bathing

Meets the needs of Emergency Services or HAZMAT and is wheelchair accessible.

The FAWSsit™ T4000 Tall shower is also an ideal alternative for use in homes that need a full shower stall, but do not have room for a permanent or even semi-permanent structure.

The T4000 Tall shower, like all FAWSsit™ models, is shipped COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED, but folds flat to less than 8 inches in depth when showering is completed. BROS1000EWThis is a great alternative for cabins, basements, garages, or other locations where a shower is desired, but space is a concern.

The T4000 shower is also fully accessible, so it can be used by both the able-bodied and disabled in a family.

For emergency services and hazardous materials decontamination, time is of the essence for getting a shower facility functional. This unit can be mounted, fully assembled, on the side of a fire truck, or stored in an emergency closet for immediate use when needed. Exposure to hazardous materials especially calls for IMMEDIATE decontamination and for containment of the waste water.

ONLY FAWSsit™ portable showers enable this immediate use capability and waste water disposal system for easy bladder containment.

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