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Roloke Bottoms-Up


Roloke Bottoms Up Pelvic Spinal Posture Seat

Relieves pain in the neck and back by correcting slouching while sitting at work, computer or when driving.Roloke Bottoms-Up Pain releif

Bottoms-up by Roloke was designed by a doctor to help your back. Considered the best postural support and pain relief on the market, this device is not a brace for static sitting but rather is designed to encourage better body use (posture) while sitting. 

In addition to its acclaimed postural support features this pain relief and postural correction device reduces road shock and vibration that occurs in trucks and cars.

It also allows the user to exercise while sitting in a proper position.

Comes in all sizes for adults and children.

See the measurement chart below and select the proper seat width when you check out. Or call 888-787-6554 to order by phone.

"For the Comfort You Want and the Aid You Need Posture Products"

To relieve your aching back or neck in the:

  • Car
  • Truck
  • Desk
  • Sofa
  • Chair
  • Or anywhere you sit for any length of time... 

Shipping to Canada? Add $20 at checkout.

Shipping to Europe or Asia? Add $40 at checkout.

Shipping to US Territories, Alaska or Hawaii? Add $14 at checkout.

 back and neck pain relief product

Roloke Bottoms Up and packaging 

Bottoms-up Measuring Chart

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