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Heartstream AEDs are of two types Heartstream ForeRunner and Heartstream FR2

They are semi-automatic in nature and are computer programmed to analyze heart rhythms. They are also equipped with electronics that can deliver biphasic defibrillation shock. Heartstream AEDs are light weight, easy to use equipment and can be used by anyone with basic training of using the equipment. It hardly takes a couple of hours to learn how to use Heartstream AED during emergency. There is a large variety of Heartstream AED trainers available in multiple languages, such as French, Spanish, Greek, Russian, etc.

AEDs are of great help in giving first aid to the person during sudden cardiac arrest. When sudden cardiac arrest occurs the patient's heart beats chaotically and shock given with AED help to bring it back to normal. Heartstream AEDs are excellent in providing lifesaving therapy in such emergencies.

Benefits of using Heartstream AEDs

· Low energy biphasic defibrillation: Heartstream AEDs are equipped with low-energy biphasic technology which increases the efficiency of this equipment significantly. Low-energy biphasic waveform helps in successful defibrillation and helps to recover the patients heart beat in first shock.
· High level of accuracy: Heartstream AEDs use an electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis system to determine the level of shock. The accuracy rate of this equipment is superb as the system is tested against 3,000 ECG rhythms. Heartstream AEDs comply with Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and the American Heart Association's (AHA) standards and meet their specifications considerably.
· Portable and light weight: They are lightweight, compact and easy to carry. They are very handy in case of emergency.
· Easy to operate: Heartstream AEDs are very easy to use and hardly require a few hours training to learn the functioning. The equipment features computer programmed instructions which help to study the heart rhythms and identify the rhythms that require defibrillation. They also provide visual and voice prompts.
· Easy to maintain: Heartstream AEDs do not require any manual testing and does not require any external devices and periodic calibration. Heartstream AED's come with automatic self-testing functions that eliminate the hassle of time consuming maintenance and need of factory service personnel.

Places where Heartstream AEDs are widely used are clinics, hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS), health clubs, offices, schools, government buildings, factories, airports, airplanes, golf courses, sports arenas and other public or community areas. At www.AEDrx.com - AED superstore, you can find Heartstream AEDs, Heartstream AED trainers, and other defibrillation products. Here you can also learn about AED requirements, AED checklist, AED emergency response drills and implementing AED programs successfully.


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