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Heartsaver AED Anytime Personal Learning Program


Many people who experience sudden cardiac arrests can be saved if they are given a biphasic defibrillation shock on time with the help of Heartsaver AED (Automated External Defibrillator). But, there are very few people who have proper knowledge of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and know how to use AED. However, there are some who have theoretical knowledge but are not confident of using AEDs when the need arises. With the help of Heartsaver AED Anytime Personal Learning Programs, you can learn CPR techniques and how to use AED effectively. The success of implementing AED programs in schools, offices, or any other public place depends considerably on effective AED trainings. Heartsaver AED Anytime Personal Learning Programs are offered by various AED manufacturers and very effective due to the following reasons:

· Anytime learning programs: Heartsaver AED Learning Programs are self-directed learning program through online instruction or DVD that can be taken anywhere, anytime and are thus very convenient. It allows the learners to undergo training at their own pace and keeps them motivated. This is program is highly flexible and you can also learn the lifesaving techniques at your home with family and friends with the help of your personal kit. Some basic items that are there in most of the learning kits are CPR training Manikin, CPR Skills Practice DVD, Heartsaver AED Student Workbook, Heartsaver AED software, Interactive Heartsaver AED CD-ROM, Pocket mask, Gloves, CPR Barrier, and Heartsaver AED Student Manual.

· Interactive and intuitive trainings: Heartsaver AED Learning Programs contain computer programmed instructions that direct you through the learning by providing intuitive prompts. This method of teaching skills of CPR and AED is less time consuming than a traditional course. The interactive software guides and motivates the learners and effectively teaches them how to use AED in acute emergency.

· Training through simulations: Heartsaver AED Learning Programs eliminate all the challenges that learners might face in a traditional classroom-based training. It allows the learners to practice on the CPR manikin and understand the real-time situation. Training through simulation provides the students a learning environment where they can have a better understanding of CPR and AED concepts. A skill test is conducted on the completion of the course and students are given certification to acknowledge their credentials.

· Helps implement AED training programs successfully: Heartsaver AED Learning Programs give learners the confidence of using AEDs in case of emergency and save precious lives. It is an excellent solution for implementing AED training programs successfully in various work environments and public places.

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