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Diabetes Cure, The Vitamin & Mineral Connection

EBook(R) "Diabetes, the Vitamin and Mineral Connection" by J.W. Brakebill Jr.

"In June 2002, I watched helplessly as my mother-in-law lost the battle and passed away due to complications of diabetes. No child, spouse, or friend should have to witness that. So I set about looking for a reason and a cure for diabetes.

  • Approximately 2,700 Americans are newly diagnosed with diabetes EVERY DAY, or about one million per year. If this were a viral or bacterial communicable disease it would no doubt be considered a NATIONAL EPIDEMIC!
  • Due to complications from diabetes some 82,000 lower limb amputations occur per year.
  • Diabetes causes 12,000 - 24,000 new cases of blindness every year.

"Diabetes, the Vitamin and Mineral Connection", reveals secrets that may even help PREVENT cataracts or glaucoma in diabetics.

Diabetes ranks as the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. being listed as the "primary" cause of death to about 200 Americans EVERY DAY! Plus diabetes is listed as a "contributing factor" in almost 400 more deaths per day in the U.S. Thus, diabetes helps kill about 600 AMERICANS EVERY DAY! Will you or a loved one become one of these statistics? Is your family going to be one of those devastated by losing you to this deadly disease?

Complications such as amputations, blindness, liver/kidney failure, restricted diets and lifestyles, and possibly pre-mature death are what you have to look forward to; unless ... YOU discover a better way. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids (protein building blocks) may solve the "symptoms" before they develop into "complications"! Thus, complications may be controlled. The choice is yours.

The information in the e-book, "Diabetes, the Vitamin and Mineral Connection" ©™ is so valuable that it could:

* help lower your blood sugar levels

* help bring cholesterol and triglycerides back into the safe range

* help bring blood pressure back into the normal range, thus reducing risks of heart disease and strokes

* help your body solve impotence,

* help improve your immune system functions,

* help your body repair damage to your eyes, kidneys, and liver,

* help improve circulation, thus preventing gout and gangrene and possibly saving your toes, feet, or legs from amputation,

* may even help you to prevent getting diabetes in the first place even if the rest of your family has developed diabetes !

* and may even help extend your life.


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