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Cool Mesh Pillow

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Cool Mesh: Soft, Cool, Clean, Dry, Support


Introducing the next generation in sleep science!  The Cool Mesh Memory Foam Pillow combines the cooling properties of 3-D mesh technology with plush, memory foam comfort.  The top layer of 3-D mesh is made of thousands of resilient fibers, each behaving as an independent spring.  Combined, they offer exceptional conforming support, cooling breathability and comfort.  It’s as if you’re sleeping on a virtual layer of air!   A luxurious memory foam core offers plush support that molds to fit your unique shape.  The pillow’s anatomic shape aligns your head and neck to ensure proper sleeping posture.  Each pillow comes with two covers, an inside cover made of 3-D mesh and a breathable outside cover.  Both can be easily removed for washing. 


The Next Generation In Sleep Science

Cool, dry, breathable comfort with our unique 3-D mesh layer and a memory foam core.  This combination provides the soft feel of premium grade memory foam, while sleeping on a virtual layer of air for perspiration evaporation and air circulation under the head and neck.  The pillow is orthopedically designed to align your neck and head for all night comfort.


Exceptional support and resiliency conforms to every curve of your head and neck

Helps Reduce:

• Neck Pain

o Proper height and support helps align your neck and head with your upper spine to reduce tension in ligaments and joints, providing proper positioning for rehydration of discs.

• Shoulder Pain

o Supportive shape properly carries the weight of your head and neck, reducing stress on shoulders when sleeping in the side position.

• Night Perspiration

o The mesh is 99% air.  Skin contact areas are able to “breathe” and pass moisture and humidity through the pillow.

• Heat Buildup

o The Mesh material inside the pillow prevents the normal build-up of heat and allows your face and neck to stay cooler



• Because of the Cool Mesh’s unique construction, unlike other pillows, it does not become a breeding ground for mold, mildew and dust mites, keeping it open, dry and cool.  Best of all, Both of the 3D mesh cover and the Bamboo outer cover can be thoroughly cleaned with a simple hand rinse or wash. 

Improves Air Circulation

• Air circulation is important for the skin areas that contact the pillow, (facial and neck areas).  This improves oxygen contact with the skin.





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