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Cloud Pillow

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Cradle your neck in memory foam comfort while supporting it the way nature intended with our exclusive shape!  The crescent cutout design cradles your shoulder area instead of bumping into it, allowing you to get deeper into the pillow for more complete neck and shoulder support.  Our triple layer design features a surface layer of memory foam that molds to fit the shape of your head, neck, even your ear for luxurious comfort during the night.  The yellow wedge provides additional support for the neck area, ensuring proper sleep posture while the blue base keeps the pillow from bottoming underneath the weight of your head.

  • Triple layer design features a plush memory foam surface, extra support for your neck and a blue base that prevents the pillow from bottoming out.
  • Anatomic shaped pillow supports your head and neck in their natural position.
  • Ridges in the top layer provide better air circulation so you stay cool and comfortable during the night.
  • Stretch terry cover form fits to the shape of the pillow and is machine washable.




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