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Bedroom Pole with Curved Grab Bar

Black Curved Security Pole with Curve Grab Bar For Independent Living Bedside grab pole


Mobility aid for Bed or Bathroom provides safe, secure support for sitting, standing or for transferring a patient to a walker, wheelchair or other mobility device. Because wall mounts are not needed, it can be moved to any room in your home whenever necessary. The slim design makes for an easy fit in tight spaces. It can be installed between the bathtub and the toilet, placed at your bedside, or conveniently, next to a sofa or chair.

The Grab Bar is created with 4 vertical bars, allowing the user to gradually climb to a standing position using a hand-over-hand technique. The Curved Grab Bar also pivots, locking in place at eight different points (every 45 degrees). Installation is simple and secure. The floor-to-ceiling Security Pole is tension mounted and is packaged with its own wrench so no other tools are required. The Security Pole can be permanently installed with the wood screws that are included, if the user desires.

Frequently Asked Questions:

• How is it installed? The pole is tension mounted between the floor and the ceiling. It is not necessary to attach the Security Pole to the floor or the ceiling, but screws have been included for permanent installation.

• What tools are needed for assembly? A wrench is included with the Security Pole & Curved Grab Bar - no other tools are needed for assembly.

• Does it damage the floor and ceiling? The Security Pole is fitted with rubber pads at the top and the bottom, to protect the ceiling and the floor.

• What ceiling heights does it accommodate? 7 foot to 9 foot ceilings 2 products in 1

Floor-to-ceiling pole with pivoting Curve Grab Bar that locks in place at 8 different positions every 45 degrees

Adjustable fits ceiling heights 7 feet to 9 feet

Portable: Main pole easily separates into two 53" pieces making it easy to transport Adaptable No need for wall mounts it can be installed in virtually any area of a room exactly where it is needed

Quick Assembly Steps:

1. Attach top and bottom pieces using included pins.

2. Slide the two 53” pieces together.

3. Use included tool to tension mount between floor

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