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Bed Shower

A Simple & Inexpensive Way to Shower in Bed

When moving from the bed to the bath room is too difficult or painful...bed shower


Next, hang it up by its strong nylon cord. Use the flexible hose to direct a gentle shower The convenient "on/off" switch at the end of the hose lets you control water flow.

The  Bed Shower hangs on a bedpost or I.V. pole holding two and a half gallons of water, enough to completely shampoo and rinse hair.

Easy Bed Shower (Top

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Comfort Bath Rinse-free Disposable Washcloths (case of 8)

Comfort Bath® rinse-free disposable washcloths provide a full-body bath for anyone who has difficulty getting into the tub or shower. Eliminates the need for any water source or additional supplies, saving both time and effort. Soft, thick washcloths are soaked with the maximum amount of mild cleansers and skin-protecting moisturizers which leave skin feeling soft and smooth. HAL7904

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  • case of 8 - 8 heavyweight washcloths / package
  • Cellulose & polyester blend washcloths
  • Aloe and vitamin E
  • USP purified water 
  • Latex-free
  • Clean scent

Convenient, insulated package can be warmed in the microwave and stays warm throughout the bath. Contains Exopheryl, an ingredient that eliminates odors on contact.

Easy Bed Shampoo Basin (Bottom)

bed shower aids

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Handicapped bathtub


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