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Back Max

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o        The BackMax is a unique multi-functional full body support system that can be positioned in bed, on the floor, almost anywhere.

o        The cover’s unique, zippered connections allow ideal wedge positioning to maximize the therapeutic uses of the product.  Additionally, the zippers ensure that wedges stay put and don’t slip out of place.

o        Made of medical grade, high-quality support foam to ensure durability and years of use.

o        Wedges fit the natural curves of your body to enhance comfort and support.

o        The AME Back Max is a great value for the consumer.  Compare to similar wedge systems retailing for $199.




o        Designed to support the natural curve of the spine

o       The curve of the back wedge was designed based on the actual curvature of the spine.  

o       Demonstrate with spine model/photo.  It will show that the Back Max matches the curve.

o        Leg elevation has been shown to reduce swelling and edema

o       Refer to studies that discuss how leg elevation can help relieve swelling or edema in lower legs and feet

o        Leg elevation has been shown to improve circulation

o       Refer to studies that discuss how leg elevation can aid lower body blood circulation

o        Head elevation has been shown to aid and comfort Acid Reflux, Hietal Hernia, Indigestion, even Nasal Congestion

o       Refer to studies that discuss how head elevation can help alleviate the above mentioned conditions

o        “Zero Gravity Position” places body in a relaxed/low stress position

o       When all three wedges are used, the body is placed in a 120 degree angled position, similar to the position NASA astronauts used during lift-off to place a minimal amount of stress on their bodies.




o        Support your body while exercising.

o        Relax while reading, watching TV or playing video games in bed, on the couch or floor.

o        Sunbathe, read a book or just relax comfortably on your stomach with the help of the back max arched position.

o        Great help for new moms


Enjoy comfort and support 8 different ways!  This 3-piece multi-functional wedge system relieves low back pressure, reduces swelling and improves blood flow to the lower legs.  It provides complete back support and features the zero gravity position, placing your body at a 120-degree angle, the most relaxed position for your heart, body and nervous system.  The back wedge also aids with conditions such as acid reflux, indigestion and nasal congestion.  The knee wedge relieves low back pressure while leg elevation reduces swelling and improves blood circulation.  Unique zippered connections allow adjustability.

  • Multi-functional full body support system relieves low back pressure, reduces swelling and improves blood flow to the lower legs. 
  • Head elevation is great for acid reflux, indigestion, hietal hernia and sinus issues. 
  • Can be used in bed or on the floor 
  • Perfect for watching television, outdoor concerts or reading 
  • Unique, zippered design provides numerous positions for full-body comfort 
  • Ultimate comfort for back, hips, legs and feet 
  • Medical grade, high quality support foam 
  • Removable, washable cover 



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